Online Shopping Integration

Our online shopping mall payment integration service has now integrated with Weimob and Youzan Allvalue, which are the top two online shopping mall SAAS platforms in China. Merchants only need to activate the payment function and do some simple configurations to use our payment service, achieving a plug-and-play status. This provides convenience for Australian merchants to expand their business into the Chinese market.

Main benefits:

  • Weimob and Youzan Allvalue are among the most popular online shopping mall SAAS platforms in China, with strong e-commerce service capabilities and technical support. Weimob has millions of merchants, while Youzan Allvalue provides a comprehensive e-commerce marketing solution, including store building, product management, and order processing. Through integration with these two online shopping mall SAAS platforms, merchants can easily and quickly build their own e-commerce platforms and use our payment service for payment processing.
  • Our payment service is stable, efficient, and secure, supporting multiple payment methods including WeChat Pay, Alipay. Merchants only need to integrate our payment service once to support all payment methods, providing a one-stop payment solution.
  • If you are an Australian merchant who wants to expand your business into the Chinese market, we sincerely recommend Weimob and Youzan Allvalue as online shopping mall SAAS platforms, and provide our payment service as a payment processing solution. We believe that through our cooperation, you will be able to easily provide sales services to Chinese users and gain more opportunities and profits in the Chinese e-commerce market.
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